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About CiM Science

CiM (Creationists in the Making) Science is a home school cooperative for students in grades 1-12. Our goal is to help students discover more about their Creator through the study of science. CiM Science started in the late 1990s when a group of four families gathered to teach science classes to their children. Over the years, CiM has seen multiple meeting places, families come and go, classes added, and many other changes. Currently we are over 50 families strong!

Because CiM is all parent led, we are able to offer classes to students for lower rates than many other co-ops. We provide classes with a Christian view for all grade levels. Our class sizes are relatively small and each class has assistants, making our student to teacher ratio small as well. All families are required to have at least one parent help in some way during the year.

We use a combination of Apologia and Berean Builders texts as the basis for our teaching. Our teachers strive to make class challenging for the students and offer help of all kinds when a student is struggling in any way. We work as a team to prepare each student to be successful as they advance grades.

We currently meet at New Life Baptist Church in Krum. Classes are held weekly on Thursday. We offer classes from 8:30-10:30 and 11:00-1:00 (See our class schedule for the classes held at each time.)


CiM Science

Statement of Beliefs


1. We believe in one supreme God, existing in three persons. Namely, the Father,

the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

2. We believe God created the Earth in the heavens, as stated in the Bible.

3. We believe that creation took place at the word of God in six literal 24-hour

days, as stated in Genesis 1.

4. We believe that God created man in his own image, to bring glory to himself

through the man’s worship of him.

5. We believe all men sinned when man chose to disobey God‘s commands, and

was thus punished by being banished from the garden, and ultimately

condemned to eternal separation from God.

6. We believe that God sent his son Jesus Christ to the earth to live a perfect life,

yet die to pay the penalty for man’s rejection of God, and for the purpose of

redeeming men back to fellowship with God.

7. We believe that the only way for man to be redeemed to God is by placing his

faith in the substitutionary death Christ on the cross, and his subsequent

resurrection from the dead.

8. We believe in the Bible as God‘s holy, inspired, and inerrant word in which he

has told us the story of creation, the fall, and the means by which men can be


9. We believe that God‘s divine nature can be seen through creation, and that

creation proclaims the attributes of God. We believe that God has revealed

himself to man through creation, so that no man has an excuse for rejecting him.

(Romans 1)

10. We believe that creation presents evidence to support the idea that all things

within the universe were designed by an intelligent and benevolent creator.