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CiM Team Descriptions

Arrival Team

  • Be in the entryway 10 minutes before arrival time is scheduled to begin.
  • Meet car in front of building, help kids get out, see that kids make it to the door.
  • See that kids make it to their classroom.
  • Lock doors 15 minutes after class begins.


Dismissal Team

  • Be in the entryway 10 minutes before dismissal time.
  • Unlock doors.
  • Call names of kids as their parents arrive, mark them off the list as dismissed
  • See that students get into their cars.
  • Maintain quiet and discipline in the entryway.


Clean Up Team

  • Arrive 5 minutes before dismissal time.
  • Go to your designated area.
  • Clean tables.
  • Vacuum or sweep floors.
  • Straighten chairs.
  • Empty trash.


Substitute Coordinator

  • Keep track of the list of substitutes.
  • Make sub rotation schedule.
  • Send email or text reminder to the substitutes that week.
  • Receive emails and texts from teachers and assistants about needing sub.
  • Make sure all teacher and assistant positions are filled each week.


Substitute Team

  • Keep track of your scheduled days.
  • If you are unable to help on your scheduled day, you are responsible for finding someone to switch places with.
  • When you arrive, get a lanyard from the entry table. Leave lanyard on table at dismissal.


Lead Teacher

  • Plan lessons for the school year.
  • Prepare a syllabus.
  • Prepare homework assignments.
  • Provide parents with all necessary information (syllabus, schedule, expectations, etc.).
  • Provide students with expectations (behavior during class, homework, etc.).
  • Lead lecture and experiments.


Classroom Assistant

  • Provide teacher with necessary help during experiments.
  • Help students stay attentive and involved during lessons.
  • Redirect behavior as needed.
  • Help students with reading, completing worksheets, and other classroom work.
  • Help the teacher in setting up the classroom.
  • Upper grade assistants will grade homework.


Website Assistant

  • Help Administrator keep the website up to date with announcements and information.


Special Events Coordinator

  • Help with set up and take down of parent orientation meeting.
  • Lead the planning of special events (Science Fair, Curriculum Sale, Graduation).
  • Report planning status to the Board.